18th Present

A person's 18th birthday is always a big event, as they are finally legal in the eyes of the law. In Australia anyway. They are still at a very impressionable age, but are also starting to mature and take on greater responsibility. So for an 18th birthday gift, you should definitely avoid giving alcohol. They will more than likely already coming into contact with a lot of alcohol and you don't want to encourage this further. Drinking in moderation is good, but at that age, you won't to make sure they know their limits.

A suitable gift might include clothing. Teenagers love fashion and having lots of outfits to choose from is never a bad thing. Especially when you're going out to bars, pubs and clubs multiple times a week. If the 18th birthday is for a girl, then you might want to buy womens Summer clothing from a trendy place such as Sportsgirl, Portmans, or for a lower budget, Jeans West or Jay Jays. Make sure you know what the person is into, so you don't buy clothes that they will hate!

If your looking for winter outfits, why not buy them something indoorsie. Full body pyjamas are making a return to popularity at the moment, thanks to their durability, snuggliness and warmth. Perfect for the 18th birthday present!

Sometimes a really thoughtful gift can include a night out. Spending time with friends in an enjoyable setting can be better than an actual gift that the recipient may never even use. Why not book a dinner at a nice restaurant and pay for your friend for their birthday. A delicious meal and some drinks plus your company is one of the best gifts a person can hope to receive. As long as your company is half decent!


18th Birthday Party Ideas

One of the hardest things about turning 18 is thinking of a cool place to hold your birthday party. Nightclubs can be boring, and bouncers can be really strict on letting all your friends in. One way to make sure all your friends get in, and have a private function all to yourself is to organise a party boat cruise. This is one of the most original, interesting and fun 18th birthday party ideas and will give your mates a night to remember. Choose your own music, bring on your own alcohol, and even get food and other entertainment supplied, while you cruise through Melbourne's waterways.

Lessons for your Teenager

Instead of buying an actual present, why not buy some lessons for them to get involved with. 18 is such an interesting age, as they go from being a boy or girl to an adult. Having constructive activities to partake in can reduce the likelihood of them abusing drugs or alcohol.

Surfing Lessons

Learning to surf is a very popular pastime, and takes great practice and concentration to become good at it. Buying an 18 year old surfing lessons can be a great idea. But make sure firstly they are not totally against an activity like surfing. If they are sporty and athletic then chances are they will love the opportunity to learn to surf. Also make sure they live near a good ocean beach otherwise the lessons will be pointless.

Music Lessons

Taking up a musical instrument is another activity that will help develop the adolescent's young mind. There are a number of choices, such as saxaphone, piano, cello or even the trumpet. Typically though, the guitar is a popular music instrument for kids in their late teens. Again, do your research as some children will embrace such a gift, others may not be so interested.

Another good birthday website: http://www.birthdaypartymelbourne.com.au/