21st Present

The 21st birthday has become one of the biggest celebrations in a young persons life. Even though they can legally drink, drive a car without another person in the vehicle, and buy pornography at age 18, the 21st is still the age where they "arrive" as an adult.

The whole 21st being a big deal thing is caught up with the whole American ideal of the 21st party, as 21 is the age when people over in the USA can legally drink. Despite the wrongful associations with America, Australian's celebrate 21st birthdays in style, and it is therefore important to buy the birthday boy or girl a gift.

As a person in their early 20s, we don't really know what presents to buy a friend. We have spent 16 years at school (and possibly another few more at university) and have no creative thought processes, since we have been busy rote learning and memorising facts for too long. But I don't want to get into a discussion about that. Lets talk about gifts.

Because of a young person's inability to come up with a thoughtful personal idea for a present, it is safe to buy something generic. These types of gifts can include a CD/DVD voucher, bottle of alcohol, wine or beer glasses, or photo frames. If you're close to the person and know a bit more about what they like...screw it, buy them one of those things, it's the rules!


The gift doesn't even have to be for the person, per se. For example, if they own a pet, you might want to get them a present for that. A dog kennel or cat bed or pet toys are a fun idea. Or you could look at treating their animal to a nice holiday at a car boarding facility:


How much you spend depends on two factors. Firstly, how close are you to the person? For a close friend, you might want to spend $50-100. For a more distant friend, you should be spending between $20-40. But this is also influenced by the second factor. Where are they holding the party, and is there finger food, and an open bar.

If the person has gone to a lot of effort and the function is being catered at all, then you should be extra generous with your gift. If they are simply holding drinks in a pub, with no bar tab or anything, then you can skimp somewhat. I recently went to a 21st for a reasonable friend, held at a pub with no finger food or bar tab. I simply bought her a drink.

Interesting 21st gifts

Want to be a little creative? How about:

  • A piggy bank - help them save for their first car or a holiday
  • An artistic print - something to jazz up their room
  • A hip flask - 21 ist an age of big drinking, so you could look at a personalised flask
  • Shot glasses - keeping with the alcohol theme, lots of cute designs out there
  • An eco brush set - perfect for applying makeup (more suitable for girls)
  • Fondu set - these are very popular!

21st Birthday Party Ideas

If you're own 21st birthday is coming up, you may be racking your brain trying to think of a venue to organise your party. Well why go for a traditional venue such as your home, or a bar, club or function room. One of the best 21st birthday party ideas is to go on a boat cruise. Invite all your friends and sail around the bay, drinking and partying into the night. It is a load of fun...trust me!

Another idea is to have a cocktail caravan to serve the drinks from. This is a very unique party idea and the best retro caravan in Melbourne is Olive & Harry. They can cater for functions of any size, and give your party a really nice feel.