50th Birthday Ideas

Reaching the half century is a great milestone, and the birthday is usually greeted with a big celebration. But it can be very hard to know exactly what to get that person for a present. They are no longer youthful and probably not as active as they used to be, and they will have accumulated a lot of stuff over the course of their lifetime.

Coming soon, lots of great ideas for a 50th birthday present.

If you are unsure of giving someone a specific present for their 50th birthday, why not give them a range of gifts, in a hamper. The word hamper is a British term which means a large wicker basket, used for transporting goods, quite often food.

They are extremely popular as christmas hampers however it doesn't need to be the festive season to give one as a gift. Hampers can be great birthday presents and can include items such as food, wine, clothing, toiletries, or really anything you come up with.

carimali-coffee-machineCoffee Machines
Older people love to drink coffee and research is showing a number of health benefits (in moderation). The brown beans are loaded with antioxidants which get absorbed better than the ones in fruits. So why not buy a coffee machine as a gift.

A high end automatic machine with all the latest features and technology is a lovely 50th present. The recipient will be making high quality coffees for years to come

gift-idea-fake-grassArtificial Grass
This might seem like a weird gift but it's actually perfect for a 50 year old. As people get older, general maintenance around the house can get tougher, especially if you're on your second hip! So normal household chores such as moving the lawn can take their toll.

Fake grass in the garden will allow the soon-to-be senior to not worry about this. A good company for synthetic turf is Newturf Solutions who has a range of suppliers around Australia, with installation available too.

As people get older, a lot of them love to get hobbies such as working around the house and other DIY activities. Having the right equipment and tools can be very important.

Why not get your mum or dad something VERY original for their 50th present? A caricature can mark the special occasion from a professional artist. Simply take in a nice photo to their studio, and they will be able to draw a beatiful (or funny) caricature which the recipient will love because of its uniqueness.

Older items from when a 50 year old was in their youth can be a lovely idea for their present. Whether it be antique furniture such as lamps, chairs, tables, or jewellery or some other collectable item, an auction house will sell an array of products. Because of their age, they will generally be a really unique and heart felt gift. Abbeys Auctions is a highly recommended place for antiques.

As people get older, their appreciation for art usually grows. So a painting can make a great gift idea for a 50th birthday. There are a range of styles and you need to consider the personality of the recipient, as well as the style of their home. One interesting idea for artwork as a gift is aboriginal art. It is such a unique style yet it fits in a range of situations and is a really good talking point for guests.

Alcohol is usually a safe bet for a gift for an older person. Having climbed the corporate ladder over the years they will probably be in a high paying yet stressful job, meaning a relaxing drink at the end of a hard day is always on the cards. Reversely, if they are still the assistant manager at Coles after working for 32 years, then they will need some booze to drown their sorrows when they get home!

Solar Systems
Older people become more energy conscious and can be harder to buy for. So an interesting 50th gift would be the installation of a solar system. This will help the recipient reduce their energy bills and look after the environment. It could include solar panels, solar air conditioning, home ventilation or even a solar hot water system in the home. The upfront cost comes with a rebate so it will help reduce the price of the gift, or you could even look to give them a partial payment towards a solar installation.

If you're a big spender, you might treat the birthday boy or girl to a holiday. After all, it's their 50th right! You can find a good package deal on websites such as Flight Centre, Expedia and a range of others. Plus if you're going all out, you should drive them to the airport.