Babies Presents

Having a baby is a proud moment in any parent's life. So when a close friend or relative has a baby, it is important to get them a gift for the occasion. Although this website is not about gifts for a baby shower! So we will only focus on presents for a young infants first birthday!

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If you haven't got your own kids it can be tough to think of suitable gifts for a young child, especially one that hasn't started to walk yet. So here are some ideas:

Baby Clothes

A young child can always use more clothes, since they are either soiling the old ones from loose bladders/bowels and crawling around on the floor all day, plus they usually grow quite quickly which means old clothes will no longer fit after a certain amount of time. Soft and comfortable clothing is a good idea, but also something fun and colorful that the baby will look cute in!


Some baby clothes companies are now bringing out bamboo and organic cotton clothes for infants. This has many benefits. They have a naturally soft feel, they are 100% environmentally friendly, very durable and will not cause any skin allergy or irritation. They also sell eco-friendly toys, bibs and other products. Making them ideal for birthday gifts!!

baby-toysBaby Toys

Babies love stimulation so anything that will keep their attention and be positive and warm, that makes them smile, is a big plus. A little teddy bear or hand puppet can be lots of fun for both the baby...and the parents funnily enough! Or a nice mobile hanger can keep the entertained when they are in their cot laying down.

Kids Furniture

Babies require furniture and it's not cheap! So depending on your relationship with the parents, you may want to help ease the financial burden by buying a gift in this department. It is likely the parents will have already bought a cot, but why not purchase them something like a high chair or changing table. Make sure you do your research first and find out what they need.

Mothercraft Assistance

This type of gift is thinking outside the box, and can be one of the most thoughtful things to give a new parent. Dealing with a baby, especially if it's a first can put quite a strain on the family. Buying sessions from a mothercraft nurse can help alleviate the burden, and inform and educate mum and dad in several areas of raising a baby.

A highly recommend company for mothercraft is:

The help can include assistance in implementing effective sleep techniques for the baby, breastfeeding help and more.

Personalised Gifts

Blankets, towels or clothes with the baby's name can be another thoughtful present. They are also a cute momento for the child to look back on when they are all grown up.