Music Lessons

When you're struggling to think of a good birthday gift, sometimes you simply just rush out and buy something which just gets thrown in the recipient's closet. This is a waste of space and also a waste of on the environment. Not to mention the person didn't get any use out of your present!

A better idea is to choose something that isn't an actual item they keep, but rather an experience which is with them forever! One such gift is a music lesson. Not only is it unique, but it is enjoyable, will last forever and has many great benefits for the recipient.

  • teaches perseverance and achievement
  • improves organisational skills and time management
  • enhances memory capacity
  • benefits reading and comprehension skills
  • can relieve stress
  • increases your co-ordination
  • and an array of other benefits

guitar-lessonSo what type of music lessons should you get them? Well it's important to know a bit about their current interests, as well as their schedules. But here are some of the more popular ideas, and recommended teachers.

AMS Music Centre Based in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, AMS provides music lessons for all types of instruments including clarinet, guitar, piano, flute, saxophone, drums, guitar and also vocal lessons. They have around 20 professional teachers who can cater to all standards. The centre also sells instruments and sheet music in their music shop. Highly worth checking out if you're looking to start learning.

Specific instrument music lessons

Piano Lessons: John Hopkins

Saxaphone Lessons: Shannon Ebeling

Flute Lessons: Leah Robinson

Guitar Lessons: Modern Guitar Tuitition

Violin Lessons: David Curro

If your struggling for an idea for a birthday gift, then music lessons can be a fantastic idea. It might be worth checking with the parents first though, to ensure they have time in their schedule for this new venture. Also find a school/teacher that is fairly close to their location. There's no point buying them lessons that are located 3 hours drive from their home!