Party Security

If you're planning a birthday party, sometimes it can be worth having security for the function. Especially if the party is for a teenager or young adult, where things are known to get out of control.

A trained security guard can provide the following benefits:

  • Ensuring only invited guests are allowed on the premises
  • Being a visible presence to deter any antisocial behaviour
  • Overlooking the property perimeter for gate crashers or any other trouble.
  • Integration with local police
  • Provide assistance in first aid if anyone should require it
  • Making sure all guests leave at the end of the event

We have all seen on TV the trashed houses, and the fights and even riots on the streets where parties have been held. Security personnel can definitely help prevent these situations, giving the home owners (and surrounding neighbours) peace of mind.

Want to get security for your party? Here's a list of our recommended companies.

Anchor Security - Sydney - 1300 30 28 29

Gatecrash Security - Brisbane and Gold Coast - 07 3806 4666

Hawkeye Protection - Perth - 08 9342 0868